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Cash Bar

Where guests pay for their own drinks.

  • Pay by cash or card payments

  • There is normally no cost to the host for this service

  • standard bar tariff, this can be negotiated

Pre-paid Bar

A pre-determined cash value is paid for in advance.

  • The host will set a limit and/restriction

  • We would inform you once the restriction has been reached 

  • Upon restriction either increase the limit, continue as a cash bar or cease the service

  • To be arranged prior to the event

Open Bar

All served drinks are

pre-paid by the host.

  • Price is determined by pre-arranged drinks menu

  • Our standard bar tariff we charge from £4.00 per guest per hour of engagement

  • Flexible structure can be negotiated with the host to achieve a target budget

Private Parties


All of the Function Bar Packages include a bar structure, fridges, stock, glassware, barware and appropriate staffing.

There is also the option of hiring a dry bar complete with fridges and staff, for you to stock with your own drinks.


Corporate Events


The success of a function very much depends on how it is presented - from the preparation through to clearing. Our team are dedicated to ensuring that you and your guests are looked after throughout the time engaged. 

We can supply you with bar, waiting, kitchen and clearing staff. All are experienced in their fields, enjoy what they do and are personally vetted for their suitability. We have a reputation to uphold so will only supply staff proven to have the upmost respect and capability.

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